Presidential Accomplishments Ignored

Burgeoning worldwide terrorist government growth

Awarding our tax dollars to cronies supporting him.

Raiding the Fed to buy votes

Announcing, supporting and encouraging unnatural societal behavior in sexuality, infanticide and covetous activities

Known for creating controversy and deflecting attention

Organizing tax increases hidden in costs of goods affecting all citizens.

Benefits from inciting racism and enviousness with mass media support.

Arranged a guaranteed-to-fail governmental healthcare tax increase.

Massively increasing governmental programs and controls which stifles initiative.

Acting to enslave America through a bigger more powerful government.

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National Smokeout Day?

Perhaps liberals should rethink this complaining and blaming Republicans on the cigarette packaging standoff. Because the Democrats and progressives/liberals think they are all fair and equal and all-for-one and one-for-all, perhaps they should reconsider this latest anti-business maneuver.
Here is an idea; someone in the house or congress should tag on to this legislation to “even the playing field”. Shouldn’t they lobby for fairness in food as well? If cigarettes are so bad, aren’t other health concerns just as much of a problem and need addressed in similar manner? I mean shouldn’t pictures of big fat people be on the package wrappers of all burgers and pork products? Perhaps high sugar items like soft drinks should have rotted teeth pictured on the bottles and cans. Perhaps high salt items should have pictures of diseased kidneys on the packages or alcoholic beverages with pictures of dead drunken drivers and the victims. So does this mean the morning after pill should have a picture of a dead baby?
After all, what is fair is fair….Right?

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